About Us - Marigold

About Us

Marigold is an emerging brand for Women’s Fashion Accessories of “Himalaya Arts” (http://www.himalayarts.com/), a one-stop destination for your entire fashion accessories.

Marigold (“that brings the color of sunshine to your garden”) is the name of the flower, the most versatile flowers used in the different corners of India for Marriages, Worshipping God, temples, for making garlands, for decoration purpose, etc.

We kept the name of our brand “Marigold” by taking inspiration with those most versatile flowers “marigold “which easily blends with different cultures of India. Our “Marigold Accessories” also blends with different outfits which gives you a classy and unique touch. We offer an array of top quality scarves, loops, stoles, and other accessories for women in different patterns, colors, and prints at a pocket-friendly price. We assure you to make our customers happy by manufacturing our products with the best quality fabrics, designs, and trendy print.

Size – Our scarves are available in a range of standard size which is easily carried and can be worn in diverse ways and styles.

Color – We have picked lovely and joyful colors for scarves which are suitable for girls and women of all age group.

Print Varieties of Marigold scarves available on our website are unique from other brands due to its ancient print and traditional Indian art of screen printing in different fabrics.

Fabric – We use premium quality fabrics such as cotton, polyester, rayon, chiffon, and woolen for manufacturing scarves.
Scarves prepared with specific fabrics are chosen by ladies according to the latest trends and seasons.

Marigold’s Unique Pillars of Excellence

Below three features are the priorities of any customer when they ordered products from our website or portal. We always keep these features in high priority while manufacturing and delivering our merchandise.

Superb Quality – We understand the importance of quality for any fabrics for the Client. Quality speaks and plays a great role for any products launched in the market, that’s why we put additional efforts for maintaining the highest quality standard at each stage of manufacturing our products.

Economic Prices – Reasonable pricing is the key feature for the growth of any business, so we have tried to offer the best pricing of our products suitable for the customers of all classes.

On-time Delivery – We value the time and money of our customers, time is precious for us as well as for our clients. We always ensure to deliver our products on time without any hassle or delay.

We realize that “Quality”, “Price” and “Time” are three main key factors important to any customer and we are here to serve you with the best!