Marigold Medium Zebra Black & White Jacquard Quil Wool Scarf For Women’s & Girl’s

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● Pairing – finish off your fashion wear with something that’s sure to get you noticed. These exclusive pattern and color combinations can be paired with your favorite coat, jacket, sweater, or suit. Lay this shawl over your shoulders for those long relaxing shopping days or wrap it around and tuck it into your suit jacket for a busy day in the office.
● Wash care instructions: gentle hand wash, use mild detergent and dry in shade
● Fit for trendy and stylish look
● Gifting – solve your gifting worries today with something that’s truly unique ! Stoles are one of the most versatile accessories in your wardrobe and it makes a great gift for anyone who’s into fashion
● Lightweight and nice scarf can be worn all year round in all weathers. You can wear it as spring scarfs for women or summer scarfs for women or fall scarfs for women or winter scarfs for women.

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Get Cozy Feeling with Woolen Scarf

In western countries, people tend to wear woolen outfits in which scarf presents as a warmth giving material. There are different varieties of scarfs with several textures on it. In addition to the collection of woolen outfits, people tend to have a set of scarves. Initiate with the idea of putting on scarfs, you will shine like a star one day.


Woollen Indian scarf of Jacquard is trending which is appreciated by ample people in the world. It comes out with 100% soothing woolen fabric. There are no other components included in the Jacquard scarf. The people there have the choice made of zebra color combinations. Black and white is a versatile color combination for scarfs that can go with any colored outfits. The mentioned style number of the scarf is MG 414. It has a suitable budget to choose a wonderful scarf. The printing designs are the real attraction of the art done. It mentions the size of 20 x 88. The one wearing the Jacquard scarf experiences softness, smoothness, and warmth.


Don’t waste time to get such excellent scarfs which give you benefits. The scarfs are one in whole for the finishing touch of the outfits that one wears. It boosts your confidence and it will build internal faith in yourself. Clothing with additional appearance will make you shine and makes you share all the joy. Scarfs give you a glow on each occasion and comfort with beneficial results. So, move on with a change of different trends and encourage the outputs of it.

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Black & White


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